Women & Non-Binary Students’ Officers

Daisy and Néha

The Women and Non-Binary Students' Network is a welcoming and inclusive liberation group for all defining as women and non binary people. We are supportive, open minded and seek to encourage discussion surrounding issues facing students. Our community is welcoming and fosters the values of equality, diversity and respect. Our network as a liberation group is vital for furthering gender equality at York and we believe that it should continue to strive to be an inclusive and diverse place where all voices are heard and advocated for.

Daisy and Néha's Priorities

  • Create a cross-society communication network to support the societies already doing work across campus.

  • Utilise media platforms to improve the visibility and transparency of the Women and Nonbinary Network’s role and responsibilities’

  • Encourage employment opportunities for W+NB students


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email: [email protected]