Volunteering Officer

BAME Officers

Hayley Callaway

The Volunteering Officer doesn't have a network, but instead, holds regular meetings with the Volunteering Committee. It is a wonderful group of students from all years and faculties each responsible for a different aspect of volunteering at York, helping to provide the most fulfilling and impactful opportunities both internally and externally to the university. They oversee all 16 student-led volunteering projects and also host one-off volunteering events. There are so many different ways to get involved- whether you volunteer regularly or just want to have a go!

Hayley's Priorities

  • Improving involvement in volunteering week by creating a Do Something Special campaign that promotes all forms of volunteering by having give it a go sessions for every volunteering project during volunteering week, fundraisers for RAG charities and micro-volunteering opportunities.
  • Improve communication about volunteering by creating a blog on all social media outlets that highlights different projects within YUSU where you can meet the committee and know how to get involved .
  • Improve volunteering recognition by creating a volunteer of the month scheme where they are showcased on social media and promote student volunteering awards to ensure more nominations.



email: [email protected]