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We are passionate about student life at York and empowering you to make a difference to your experience. Below are just some of the things we do to improve your experience.

A Student Voice Continuum: YUSU's participatory agenda

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A Student Voice Continuum: YUSU's participatory agenda


Elections are a way for students at York to decide who their leaders are; in academic representation, their Colleges, their student Networks and in the Union itself.

There are loads of different elections which take place across the year, you can get involved by standing as a candidate to become a student leader, helping your friends campaign to make change at this University, or by voting for who you think will do the best job representing you.

You can find out who your current officers are and what they’re up to here.

2020 Elections

View the full voting breakdown for the 2020 Elections

View the 2020 Elections results

View the 2020 Elections Report

View the 2020 Elections site


Recent NUS Referendum 2019

We recently ran a campus-wide referendum on YUSU's continued affiliation to the National Union of Students (NUS). Students were asked: Should YUSU remain affiliated to the NUS? Both campaign teams ran strong campaigns, but it was the 'Yes' team that came through in the end, winning by 611 votes to 364.

The results were as follows:

Votes for 'Yes' : 611

Votes for 'No' : 364

Votes for 'Abstain' : 42

Past Referenda Results

'Public Vote on Brexit' Referendum

The results for the referendum were as follows: 

Yes: 768

No: 413

Abstain: 55

NSS Boycott 

The results for the referendum were as follows: 

Yes: 379

No: 568

Abstain: 11

Incorporation Referendum – changing YUSU’s legal status

The results for the referendum are as follows:

Yes: 1066

No: 150

Abstain: 76

Working Class and Social Mobility Officer Referendum

Yes: 495

No: 472

Abstain: 23

Periodic Reviews

Approximately every six years, each department undergoes a Periodic Review by the University in order to suggest changes and identify good practice. Each year student recommendations during these Reviews lead to changes that directly affect the student learning experience.

Each Review includes one day when a Panel comes into the department, and listens to the experience of students as well as academic staff and professional staff. The panel consists of:

  • two academics from York

  • two external academics (from a similar discipline) from another higher education institution

  • a student representative (from either YUSU or the Graduate Students’ Association).

These discussions are backed up by a number of reports that the panel receives before the review day.

For more information about the Periodic Reviews check out the University’s website. You can also log in using your York email address and look at past reports and action plans.

How are students involved?

Feedback from students is critical to the process and invaluable with respect to informing the Review Panel about students’ actual experiences and learning opportunities.

Student feedback is sought in the following ways:

Student Submission - all students in the department are invited to complete a short questionnaire or attend a Student Voice Workshop to provide anonymous feedback on their programme. YUSU collates this information and produces an independent report which is given to the Review Panel prior to the Review day.

Meetings with students - on the Review day groups of students (both undergraduate and postgraduates) are invited to meet with the Panel to share their experiences of studying in the department.

The Review Panel is interested to hear about the good and the not so good parts of studying in the department. It is important that those who participate feel confident that they can speak freely and honestly; be assured that nothing students say will be quoted in the Report which arises from the Periodic Review and nor will students be identifiable in any way to the department.

Student feedback is an integral part of the Periodic Review process and the more students that get involved the more authentic that voice is.

To find out which Departments will be taking part in a Periodic Review this year contact [email protected]