YUSU President

Hi, I'm Samara Jones...

I studied Maths and Philosophy, but my time at York has been shaped by my involvement with college sports, waterpolo, dance and my year as Alcuin President. I’ve been involved in different aspects of uni life while I’ve been here and gained so many experiences and friends through it all.

What do I do?

As YUSU President, going out and listening to students is a big part of my role. I act as a key representative for you when meeting with senior members of the University and other key people in the community, so it’s important you know what I’m up to and how you can shape YUSU. I also play a major part in YUSU campaigns, work closely with colleges and their student committees, as well as being responsible for coordinating and supporting the other elected Sabbatical Officers.

E: [email protected]

F: @yusuprez

Manifesto Priorities


Increase transparency

The university is for students, so the focus should always be on students. We need to ensure better transparency across the university, including making everyone aware of official university updates and helping you understand who makes up YUSU and why it’s so important to student life.


Make YUSU outlets student friendly

We need to continue to develop and upgrade the student bars and outlets in a way that benefits you. You’re entitled to know where your money goes; better transparency would allow us to push for better services on campus. I want to introduce an online shop so that everyone from alumni to first years can easily buy merch. The more accessible the merch, the better the uni spirit at York!


Work across campuses

I want to tackle accommodation costs for on and off campus students, from extortionate rent increases to protecting students from being taken advantage of by landlords and letting agencies.


Other priorities

  • I want to open up YUSU by arranging weekly or bi-weekly drop in sessions held by the Sabbatical officers for students to voice their opinions, get involved and be heard. The Sabbs also need to increase their on-campus presence and continue to bridge the divide between Hes East and Hes West.
  • YUSU needs to actively communicate with the colleges and promote the role of the college system within their campaigns.
  • We need to ensure that every student group is given due recognition and support as all help make York the powerhouse of student activity that it is.
  • We can make York an even better city for students by researching more options for student nights to guarantee fairer prices and a safer, more enjoyable, experience of York nightlife, and of the city in general.