Community and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, I'm Steph (Effy) Hayle... 

This is my second year as C&W Officer, having been re-elected following the success of some of my key campaigns last year like #BUStice. 

I studied Criminology with a specialisation in victimisation, radicalisation, and the rise of the far right, and spent the rest of my time here very involved in the performance societies and on the James JCRC.

What do I do?

It’s my job to lobby and campaign around welfare provisions within the University, local community, and nationally; working alongside York Council to build community engagement; advocating for our liberation networks; and providing signposting support so you know where to go for help.

I was elected on a platform of providing greater financial support to students from low-income or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds, lobbying for greater physical and mental health facilities for students, and campaigning for a more accessible and inclusive University experience.

E: [email protected]

F: @YUSUWellbeing

T:  @YUSUWellbeing

Manifesto Priorities

Improve Mental Health Support

  • Lobby for greater university funding for mental health initiatives and services

  • Work with Student Minds to provide training to students and staff.


Affordable Accommodation

  • Both on and off-campus, fight to ensure my Maximum Price Proposal is implemented and landlords are held accountable. 

  • Leading the #RentRant campaign I started last year to continue the fight for affordable and good quality housing.

  • Developing key research into this area.


Increase Student Financial Support

  • Create a portal of part-time jobs available in the city for students, so that finding a job around your degree is more accessible

  • Ensure bursary and hardship fund spending is prioritised by the university


Other Priorities

  • Improve the Leave of Absence system and fight against Disabled Students Allowance cuts

  • Create an inclusive events and venues guide and work with the Academic Officer on the ‘Diversifying the Curriculum’ Agenda

  • Lobby for a new anonymous reporting system that will manage sexual/physical violence, hate speech, and other misconduct

  • Ensure York students are represented properly in the council, on key issues such as housing and transport, and continue to push Unity Health to improve