Students Activities Officer

Hi, I'm Ollie Martin... 

I grew up in Cambridge, at York I studied Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems MEng. Outside of my degree I was president of the York University Mountaineering Club for 2 years, organised Halifax College Freshers week for several years and campaigned and raised money for Men’s health causes with the Movember Foundation.

What do I do?

I look after all our incredible student groups, over 200 societies, 13 volunteering projects, RAG and media groups. While continuing to support these amazing groups I’m hoping to expand the role to include better support for student events and culture. I genuinely love hearing what our students are passionate about, so if you have ideas, questions or just want to tell me about what you love I’m always keen to listen!

E: [email protected]

F: @yusuactivities

T:  @yusuactivities

Manifesto Priorities

Update and improve YUSU events and better support for student culture

Give students more opportunities to get involved with the nights and events they love and enhance the YUSU events calendar. Create a YUSU events committee, give more opportunities to give ideas and feedback on YUSU events. With YUSU now owning all the campus bars we have more power than ever to shape them. I’ll look into improving our venues to serve as better, multifunctional spaces for student groups, events and culture and my ultimate aim is to bring back regular live music to campus.


Better acknowledgement of the amazing efforts and skills of students in all student groups

Update the York Award to be more relevant to employers and continue our amazing awards program to ensure students receive the recognition they deserve for the skills they develop and everything they achieve outside of their degrees.


Improved access to activities all year round

Ensure everything YUSU offers to students feels accessible all year round. Holding a YUSU-led refreshers fair, further build on the access grant scheme and continue to improve Give It A Go; giving students more opportunities to get involved with activities.


Other Priorities

  • Help to connect student groups, college committees, club night organisers, photographers, visual artists ect and promote student’s creative talents across the University

  • Apply pressure to stop the closure of culturally important venues and spaces in York

  • Improve the Resource Hub, create an event successes/failures database and encourage society collaborations

  • Continue to support RAGs amazing work with our beneficiaries, but also provide provision and support for one off and non-partner charity events

  • Promote local Volunteering projects to improve the relationship between students and the community

  • Continue to work closely with student media organisations to ensure the Media Charter stays relevant and promote Student Media across campus and events