Academic Officer

Hi, I'm Giang Nguyen...


What do I do?

It’s my job to represent you in everything academic - including learning, teaching, assessment and feedback. I will facilitate dialogue between students, academic reps and the University at all levels, from informal meetings between students and departments, right up to discussions with senior managers in the University.  I will push for tangible improvements to the academic experience at York, making your engagement with your degree the best it can be.

E: [email protected]

F: @yusuacademic

T: @yusuacademic

Manifesto Priorities 


  • Overhaul of the academic representations (reps) system with more professional training and review the policy-making process

  • Represent student voice more efficiently in Library support and Languages for All course

  • Increase participation in essential surveys such as the National Student Survey


Careers: 'break down fears around careers'

  • Expand the role of departments in offering tailored careers advice

  • Building a support network and raising awareness for different types of careers

  • Connect GSA, Alumni association and YUSU to create a coherent career support scheme


Community: 'Creating academic community'

  • Expand and improve the visibility of colleges-departments-YUSU cooperation on de-stressing, careers and productivity support

  • Campaign for expanding Optional Modules in all years group

  • Lobby departments to apply for diversity awards


Other Priorities

  • Showcasing policy outcomes, hidden costs and proactive consultation with the student population about the future threats to funding and how to safeguard it.

  • Holding university to account to maintain lecture capture across all departments by continuously challenging and monitoring departments.