LGBTQ Officer

LGBTQ Officer

Gem Card and Matthew Gordon

The LGBTQ Officer is responsible for representing the views and needs of LGBTQ students and making sure they are taken into account by the Students’ Union and the University. They run campaigns to make York a more inclusive and diverse place for LGBTQ people and see that awareness of LGBTQ issues is increased. They also lead the LGBTQ Network which is a student group which exists to help LGBTQ students get to know each other, runs discussions, relaxed meetings, and gets involved with events like York Pride.

Gem and Matt's Priorities

  • With recent events in mind, both on and off campus, we aim to promote safety and equality for trans and non-binary students, alongside other LGBTQ groups in York.

  • Work Closer with the LGBTQ College Officers to enhance experiences within the colleges and university wide for LGBTQ members using the network as a central hub for communication and support between the university and the colleges.

  • To amplify the voice and presence of the LGBTQ network throughout YUSU and across the university, by combining with groups of both staff and students whether they are allies or LGBTQ identifying.



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