Environment & Ethics Officers

Merry Dickinson and Mark Matthews

The Environment + Ethics Officers are responsible for representing the interests of Union members in lobbying for sustainable and fair practices at the University of York. They lead the Environment + Ethics Collective, a student-led group which campaigns for the University to follow environmentally and ethically sound policies and influences student habits to be more sustainable.

Merry and Mark's Priorities

  • Campaign for YUSU to declare a climate emergency - Once this is YUSU policy, pressure the university to do the same. This would then mean they would pursue concrete measures to go carbon neutral by 2025.

  • Organise a campaign divesting the university from fossil fuels (inc. direct action) as part of the declaration of a climate emergency -  This continues the important work already done by previous E & E officers while escalating the campaign for divestment.

  • Mobilising student participation in wider activism - Highlight the links between social and climate justice which is done by hosting talks from a range of speakers, promoting links between student groups and the wider environmental movement.



email: [email protected]