It’s really important that, as a Students’ Union, our decisions and actions are transparent and accessible to our members - you!

There are loads of ways you can engage with our Officers and hold them to account. Click on the options below to find out how:


AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Annual meetings (or Student Members’ Meetings as they’re sometimes called), are a key part of YUSU’s calendar. All students are invited to attend.

The meetings provide an opportunity for students to review YUSU’s  annual report (link to ‘documents’ page and accounts, considering key activities over the past year. It is also a time when students can hold the Sabbatical Officers to account and hear more about their work and the impact they have made across the year. . Meetings will typically include:

  • ratifying the minutes of the previous meeting

  • a report from our Trustees on the Union's key activity

  • receiving the Union's accounts for the previous year

  • receiving Union affiliations

  • open questions to the Trustees.  


YUSU AGM presentation 

Draft minutes for ratification

Setting out a Vision for UoY Estates Development (Liz Gatheral, Director of Estates Development)

NUS Turnaround (Peter Robertson, Acting CEO and Emily Chapman, VP for FE, NUS). 


AGM Presentation

Draft minutes for ratification


AGM Presentation

AGM Minutes

Accountability Reports

YUSU’s by-laws set how we operate and make decisions as a democratic and member-led charitable organisation. They set out YUSU’s approach to transparency and the ways you can hold elected Officers to account.    

Accountability Complaint Report (Summer 2018)

Final Accounts

Here are copies of YUSU’s financial accounts and annual reports.


If you wish to make a complaint during an election process, please complete the form here.