Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards present an opportunity for students to celebrate the work of staff across the University of York who have a positive impact on their academic experience. Entirely student led, the Awards recognise the teachers and staff that are making an outstanding contribution to students’ lives.


2019 Excellence Awards Winners

Teacher of the Year

Winner: Peter O'Brien (Chemistry),

Highly Commended - Phil Lightfoot (Physics)

Supervisor of the Year: Winner

Winner: Louise Lepage (TFTV)

Highly Commended - Christoph Baumann (Biology)

PhD Research Supervisor of the Year

Winner - Penny Spikins (Archaeology) 

Highly Commended - Claire Chambers (English)

GTA of the Year

Winner - Ruolin Hu (Education)

Highly Commended - Charlotte Rowley (Archaeology)

Unsung Hero of the Year

Winner - Jenny Smith (Cookies)

Highly Commended - Jay-Jay Luckmann, Steve Foster, Andrew Hunter, Matt Brannan (Technician Team, TFTV)

Most Inspiring

Winner - David Smith (Chemistry)

Highly Commended - Freya Sierhuis (English)

Outstanding Feedback

Winner - Stephen Minta (English)

Highly Commended - Ignacio Jurado (Politics)

Supporting the Student Voice

Winner - Alison Parkin (Chemistry)

Highly Commended - Ruth Penfold-Mounce (Sociology)

Promoting Equality and Diversity

Winner - Sara De Jong (Politics)

Highly Commended - Edward Robson (SPSW)

Supporting Accessibility

Winner - Walter Van Opstal (Space & Accommodation, Directorate of Estates & Campus Services)

Highly Commended - Mariana Lopez (TFTV)

Championing Careers

Winner - Amanda Barnes (Biology)

Highly Commended - Fabien Baugard (Management)

Academic Officer's Award

Winner - Jane Iddon (Academic Support Office)

Highly Commended -Ed Braman (TFTV)