Make A Change

There are many ways you can transform your University, YUSU, or the community you live in. If you have an idea and want to spark a conversation, tell us.

Making change happen requires collaboration and common goals. So once you’ve submitted your idea, you will be invited to discuss how we can work together to turn your idea into action.

From simple suggestions to political campaigns, we welcome all ideas for change, big or small. Some things can be worked on straight away - e.g. getting menus translated in YUSU venues, whilst others require consultation with students - e.g. YUSU creating a new representative position.

Ideas for political, transformative and long-term change, could potentially become YUSU Policy.

Have a look at the current live YUSU policy that has been passed in recent years.

Submit An Idea

Stage 1: Idea Development

When you submit an idea, you will be invited in to discuss and develop it

Potential Outcomes -

If your idea is a simple suggestion - e.g. about how YUSU does something or a YUSU service - we will discuss with you how your idea can be actioned - signposting you to the appropriate Officer or staff member if necessary.  

If your idea is not feasible or does not fall within YUSU’s charitable aims, we will discuss the reasons why and suggest ways you can tweak it.

If your idea is for political and transformative change - we will help you develop your idea and then it will be passed onto the PRG for consultation with students.


Stage 2: Idea Consultation

Policy Briefing

The PRG will collate all the ideas for political change and produce a ‘Briefing Pack', which will provide context for the ideas and ensure deeper conversations are sparked about the benefits for students and the impact of change.

Student Discussions

The ‘Briefing Pack’ will be sent out to all students and you will have an opportunity to feedback individually. Discussion forums will also be organised by our Full and Part Time Officers and College Chairs. This provides an opportunity for you to discuss the ideas with other students and reflect on common goals and preferences.


Stage 3: Decision

The PRG will then collate all the student feedback and make a decision on whether an idea has gained support. The PRG will be looking for the quality of the reasons given by students not just the number of ‘yays’ or ‘nays’.

Possible outcomes:

If there is legitimate evidence of support for an idea, it will become YUSU POLICY

If there is legitimate evidence of lack of support for an idea, it will be rejected

If there is evidence of interest - both in support and rejection of the idea - but no consensus, the PRG will recommend a campus-wide referendum.

This process is currently under review and more information will follow at the start of the 2019/20 academic year.