Social Sciences Faculty Rep

Zsófia Majer


My name is Zsofia but feel free to call me Sophia or Sophie! My manifesto and project aims are: 


1) More guidance for choosing modules and careers. 

Collaborating with Careers and the Centre for Global Programmes in order to advertise opportunities for improving social sciences students’ employability (e.g. workshops, career advice). 

2) Better Signposting of Resources

Creating leaflets and posters for each department. These will highlight the difference between different Rep roles and raise awareness of Mentoring Schemes to encourage engagement. I also aim to have a weekly 'Uni Tips' post on  the Social Sciences Facebook page which emphasises the importance of academic resources and mental health support for students.  

3) More Effective Representation

Turning the Facebook page into an online Faculty news platform so that all Reps get access to it to share their achievements and give updates on certain issues, and sharing surveys to measure students’ satisfaction with the Faculty.



Email: [email protected]