BAME Officers

BAME Officers

Fiks and Simi

The BAME Students' Officers represent the views of students’ at York who self define as BAME, which is including but not limited to students with African, Asian, Arab and Latin American heritages. They campaign within the Union, University and in wider society; promoting equality for BAME students.

Fiks and Simi's Priorities

  • We want the university to be more representative of groups that makeup society; where individuals from BAME backgrounds are represented by creating a safe environment where issues are heard and discussed through monthly tea talks.

  • We would like to continue efforts to make the BAME Network more inclusive by working with YUSU to further the diversity of the Student’s union by encouraging people from BAME backgrounds to participate and contribute in the democratic process.

  • We want to work with the Diversifying and Liberating York campaign to increase the attainment grades rate of BAME students compared to white students.



email: [email protected]