Activities Officer

Hi, I'm Brian Terry... 

I became the Student Activities Officer because, unsurprisingly, I love student activities! I studied maths as my undergraduate degree but loved getting involved in everything non-academic. Some of the highlights have to be running Christmas and Easter Events for students staying on campus over the holidays; volunteering in York schools teaching maths; being a walk leader for York’s Outdoor Society (I really love hiking!) and dressing up as Where’s Wally to make students smile during stressful periods like exams.

What do I do?

I work with, manage and represent all our incredible student groups. With over 220 societies, 18 volunteering projects, 3 RAG charities and 20 media groups - I’ve certainly got my hands full! In my manifesto I prioritised quality of life improvements for activities, listening to students and (perhaps with more foresight than I realised at the time!) being agile and adaptive when dealing with student activities. Coronavirus obviously presents us with massive logistical and operational challenges but I’m committed to making sure student activities are just as varied and engaging as ever before. If you’ve got ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Blogs by Activities Officer

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Introducing YUSU Fairs
  • 1st September 2020
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