Rep Impact

What have your reps been up to?

Joshua & Daniel

Archaeology Course Reps

Successfully lobbied for more time on a new exam after student feedback.

Aaron Bhalla & the Law School Reps [email protected]

All supervisors in Law will be undertaking mental health first aid training before the summer assessment periods. Supervisors in the future will undergo similar training as well.

Kia Alderson

Computer Science Course Rep

Petitioned and changed exam grades after an exam was incorrectly handled by the department and university.

Ela Piepiorka & the English [email protected]

A Student Representation page is being set up. This will be the first and only non-social-media-non-physical-contact way that English Reps can contact their cohorts.

Kat Ferris & the Sociology Reps [email protected]

Lecture capture is now "opt-out" for all Sociology lectures. The Reps have also changed the way seminar groups are organised in first year.


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Have we missed something?

Have you made a positive impact in your department? Tell us and we will help spread the word! We love to hear about all your successes and the impact that Academic Reps are having on the student academic experience. We use the information to help spread best practice, spot areas where we can run larger campaigns and share termly reports across the University to celebrate all you do.