Becoming an Academic Rep

Becoming an Academic Rep will not only give you a chance to improve the experience for students at the University, but you’ll also gain some valuable skills. You’ll be given full training and support from the YUSU Student Voice team as well as being part of a dynamic peer network of Reps across the University. 

Here are just some of the skills being a Rep will give you:

  • Communication and negotiation

  • Time management and organisation

  • Teamwork and delegation

  • Meeting etiquette and policy awareness

  • Leadership and motivation

  • Networking and cooperation

  • Problem solving and research

  • Self-confidence and public speaking

As well as gaining some impressive skills you’ll also be rewarded for the fantastic work you do. The Student Voice team will be giving out prizes for Course Rep of the term, run socials as well as an end of year awards ceremony in recognition of outstanding contribution. Follow us on our social media for updates about upcoming Rep socials and awards!

Become a Course Rep

As a Course Rep you help to improve the academic experience for students in their cohort. By dealing with student queries you become specialists in course-based issues and by gathering student feedback you help identify and tackle problems as they arise.

These resources will tell you all you need to know about standing to be a Course Rep but if you have any other questions please contact [email protected]:

Become a Department Rep

Please note that Department Rep applications for the academic year 2020/21 are currently closed. Recruitment will reopen in summer term 2021. 
As a Department Rep you take on leadership responsibilities as you work with your team of Course Reps to make positive changes to your department as a whole. Department Reps are an invaluable key contact for both departments and YUSU and have opportunities to lead projects that have a University-wide impact. Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions about this role. 

Become a Faculty Rep

Faculty Reps work behind the scenes, sitting on some of the highest-level committees to shape and influence University-wide decisions. By championing student feedback they make positive changes for all students.

Elections for Faculty Reps run alongside the main YUSU Elections in Spring Term each year.

These resources will tell you all you need to know about becoming a Faculty Rep but if you have any other questions please contact [email protected]:

To find out more about becoming a Faculty Rep you can also get in touch with one of our current Faculty Reps:

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