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York Games is a new event coming this year for students at the University of YORK! It is a two day tournament, to be hosted over the second weekend of November by York Sport Union.

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of November 2019 - York Games are being run to get clubs and groups of friends to compete in a range of team-based fitness events. While it is a competition, the event has been created to bring together the York student community! The weekend will consist of a series of activities and sports that students will compete in across the two days. Each activity will be scored in order to determine a winner, and figure out who is the Super Team in York!.

The York Games event is for mixed teams only. You can buy your team’s entry and pick and choose participants up until two days before the event, where you will need to give us the names of the individuals entering.

York Games is open to anybody to compete in - given you find a team of 10 people.

You’ll be able to buy entry here from Friday 11th October. We anticipate that tickets and entries will sell out fast so please be quick and don’t miss out!


Term 1, Week 6 - Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2019.


Teams must consist of 10 members and must be of mixed gender. For example 5 men and 5 women or 7 men and 3 women or 7 women and 3 men. The number needs to be at least 3 members of a gender and a team needs to be made of 2 or more genders.
Capacity for this event is 280 competitors (28 teams).
Teams must be registered via YUSU website by the 18th of October.
Cost of entry is now £50 (this works out to £5 per person!)
Each competitor will receive an Official #YorkGames 2019 t-shirt.
Points will be awarded to teams based on which position they finish or how fast they finish (relevant for activities such as the obstacle course). The lower the points each team has, the better.
There will be 6 events in total.
If your registration is accepted rules and regulations will be emailed to you a week before the event.
Places will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
Tournament prize TBC

Each team must select a team captain, and come up with a team name. Details needed when registering: Team name, Captain’s details (name, university email, gender, mobile no.) and competitor details (name, gender). PLEASE NOTE once your registration is complete, you will not be able to amend your response - your team name and team personnel will remain the same. Your team personnel can only be changed in the event they can no longer compete.


Get your team together and then sign up by purchasing a ticket!

Event schedule


Saturday 9th November | Start time: 8:30am

Meet at 22 acres for 8:30am - all teams to be briefed on the proceedings for the day and how everything is to run etc. Soon after we can begin with the first event.


Sunday 10th November | Start time: 8:30am

Meet at York Sports Village (Campus East)


If you do not want to take part in SuperTeams, but would still like to get involved, there are volunteer opportunities available. For more information please contact College Sport Assistant, Maisie Clarke at [email protected]


For more information, or if you have any questions about the event please contact Tatenda Schonhiwa (Sports Coordinator) at [email protected] or Maddi Cannell (York Sport President) at [email protected]