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A proper safety net instead of the lacklustre one just announced

  • 11/01/2021 - Archived

Going into this week an email was sent out about receiving a safety net for our exams this year. Im a student that was on a placement year last year and having not done online exams before and having heard about the safety net last year, I was expecting something of a similar nature.

However I was pretty disappointed to see that all it is is a reduction of the weighting for my third year which honestly doesn't really help to alleviate any of the stress or worries I might have for these exams, particularly when this could be a longer and more stressful lockdown than the first one especially after having been dealing with these lockdowns for a year.

This safety net feels like such a massive step down from last year, especially for those on placement years who have no experience with this, that it almost feels insulting.

This year students have had very little in person teaching and very little experience of the traditional university year and frankly having a worse safety net just because 'recordings and problem classes are online' is not a good enough excuse.


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YUSU Student Voice Team, YUSU
YUSU Student Voice Team

Thank you for your submission. Your idea is substantially similar to an idea which has already been submitted by a fellow student. This idea has already passed the student vote and is being consulted on more widely where your points will be taken into account. Please follow the updates from student leaders on this idea’s page vis the link, to see what is being worked on. https://yusu.org/suggestions/view/71

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