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Give Seminar tutors and lecturers training

  • 06/11/2020 - Working On
  • 06/11/2020 - Fast-tracked

Although you would assume that they have at least been briefed on how to use Zoom/Collaborate.
From my personal experience, there is not enough training on how to manage the virtual classroom and the constant use of breakout rooms or where the same 2 people do the entire seminar.
Provide staff members with training, or further training on how to manage the virtual learning space, and how to fully utilise it. So us as Students get our moneys worth.

Submitted by JACK BARTON

Student Leader Feedback

Matt Johnstone, Academic Officer
Matt Johnstone
Academic Officer,

We've fast-tracked this idea because it's really time-sensitive given the lockdown! Training webinars have been put on by the Academic Support Office in the Uni, but it sounds like they weren't sufficiently thorough or engaging. Combining this suggestion with other student feedback, we can lobby the University to provide further training and improve the quality of online provision!

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