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Provide students and Live lecturers/Seminar tutors with stable internet

  • 06/11/2020 - Working On
  • 06/11/2020 - Fast-tracked

If something as important as a degree, or masters etc. Is limited by bandwidth, then we as students are instantly not receiving the same level of quality as we would otherwise receive.
The University must do something to ensure poor internet does not stop us from learning.
Firstly, if some form of subsidised internet for any staff member that regularly utilises Zoom/Collaborate Ultra etc.
Or at the very least only allow those with internet considered reliable (A threshold speed/ping) to actively host seminars etc.

In terms of students, all those in campus accommodation should already hopefully have consistent internet.
Those in private accommodation off campus, should be able to apply for some sort of means tested internet fund of some sorts.

Submitted by JACK BARTON

Student Leader Feedback

Matt Johnstone, Academic Officer
Matt Johnstone
Academic Officer,

This idea was fast-tracked; it's both time-sensitive with the lockdown and was already being worked on! If you as students are being made to study online, that requires a stable internet connection. We as a Union are collaborating with the GSA and YSJSU to make sure all students across the city can access the education you're paying so much for. The Uni have been trying to ensure appropriate provision for staff (even before I picked up my role), but we'll continue to push for further improvements. What's the point in a live seminar if there's a 5 minute delay between you asking a question and the seminar leader receiving it? Check on my social media channels for further updates over the coming weeks!

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Matt Johnstone

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