Through our societies you can meet and socialise with students from your new department; star in a sell-out show; learn about another country; join together in worship; start a new sport or hobby, and much more. Societies often collaborate with one another to put on joint sessions or events, and they’re all open to everyone. Some are even completely free to join!

Student Media

York is widely known for its student media prowess. Many former student journalists here have gone on to top-level careers in print and broadcast journalism, and you could be next! Our award-winning media groups include two campus newspapers, a satirical magazine, specialist publications on topics including fashion, history, and film, our very own TV station, and the oldest independent radio station in the UK - not to mention our on-campus cinema, run entirely by students.

Start Your Own Society!

Got an idea? There’s always room for more societies! If you’re thinking about ratifying a student group under YUSU, there are a few steps you’ll need to complete. Ratifying brings you a whole host of benefits, including access to financial aid, a free presence at Freshers’ Fair, a spot on the YUSU website, and dedicated staff support for your operational management - but we hold our groups to a very high standard, so you’ll need to be sure it’s the right thing for your group.

Your application will be reviewed and voted on by the Societies Committee. Once you have their approval, you’ll have to complete some documentation before you are formally ratified. Read through our Guide to Starting a New Society to get started - you’ll find the link to the application form there!

Societies Committee

The Societies Committee is made up of eight elected student Reps - one for each society category. They meet three times a term to ratify new societies, allocate grants, and report feedback and issues facing societies directly to the YUSU Activities Officer. Reps are a key point of contact for all societies within their category, and they also mentor newly ratified groups as they start their journey as a YUSU society. If you want to stand to become a Rep, elections are held every year at the Societies Open Meeting in April, with by-elections during the year for vacant positions.

The 2020-21 Societies Committee are:

  • YUSU Activities Officer: Brian Terry

  • Academic and Educational Rep: Will Wilson

  • Arts and Cultural Rep: VACANT

  • Campaigning and Political Rep: Samuel Cade

  • Faith Rep: VACANT

  • Games and Fandom Rep: Daniel Bennett

  • International Rep: VACANT

  • Music and Performance Rep: Lorna Suzanne

  • Special Interest Rep: Josh Mackenzie