The college system is a major part of student life at York. Every student is a member of a college and most live there for their first year at York and remain a part of its community if and when they live off campus. Each of the nine colleges has its own distinctive identity, atmosphere, facilities and history. There is also a very healthy college rivalry at York; whether its for the College Cup, the best events or the most money raised for RAG each year.

Every college always has a lot going on throughout the academic year, so be sure to check out their websites by clicking on the links below:

Alcuin CollegeAlcuinConstantine CollegeConstantineDerwent CollegeDerwent



LangwithLangwith VanbrughVanbrugh WentworthWentworth

Colleges’ Resource Hub

All key points of information that members of a College Committee need to know can be found in the Colleges’ Resource Hub.

This should be your first point of call for all key documents, information that will support your committees in event planning, milestones across the year, and guidance on representation and campaigning.

If you have any questions, or have a suggestion for something to go in the Resource Hub, please email Tobias Gormley on [email protected]

Colleges’ Resource Hub

College Committee Chairs and Presidents meet with YUSU once a week. You can view detailed agendas from the Chairs and Presidents meeting here.