College Life

The college system is a major part of York, and is part of what makes life York so unique and vibrant. Every student is a member of a college and remains so for their duration at university and beyond. There are nine colleges at the University, and each has its own distinctive identity, atmosphere, facilities and history.

The colleges help build supportive, inclusive communities, and work to ensure that every student at York can find a place to belong, whether this be helping them make friends or providing them with opportunities to get involved in something that appeals to them. In particular, student voice is represented within Colleges by elected Junior Common Room Committees (JCRC) or College Student Associations (CSA), who work closely with YUSU and the University to ensure that student views are taken into account.

For information about accommodation, please visit the University website.

Welfare Support

The Colleges are one the central support functions at the University, along with YUSU’s Advice and Support Centre and the services offered by the Student Hub. Each college has a number of staff members who are able to provide confidential advice and guidance to students who are experiencing issues, both personal and academic.

Led by a College Manager, they are experienced professionals who are able to meet with students and support them when they are experiencing difficulties. There are also College Tutors, postgraduate students or York alumni who have received professional training to be able to provide effective advice and guidance.

Visit your colleges’ webpage on the University website to find their contact information.

Student Representation and Support

Student voice is at the heart of a positive university experience, and each college has an elected committee to represent your views, as well as provide a whole host of fun activities for you to get involved with.

Your JCRCs and CSAs are elected every autumn term, and go on to plan some of the headline events in the York calendar, including Freshers’ Week, summer activities such as Big D, GoodFest and Constanchill, and organise extravagant Christmas and Summer balls for students in their College.

For more information about your committee and what they do, visit the Colleges A-Z page.

The Colleges also run a number of schemes that help build communities amongst their students. Each year, hundreds of students apply to be Second and Third Year contacts (STYCs), to support incoming first years to adapt to University life and settle into independent living. Also, students can also become Second and Third Year Mentors (STYMs) to support first year students throughout the year. They are perfect examples of how students support one another here at York.

Activities and Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities offered by Colleges that help support student leadership, development and self-reflection. Some of these include:

  • Running to be on your JCRC/CSA

  • Taking part in College Sport

  • Fundraising for College RAG charities

  • Numerous volunteering opportunities, including STYCs and STYMs, as well as various other roles that are offered each year;

  • Academic and professional workshops 

  • Trips away

  • Creative art competitions