The college system is a major part of student life at York. Every student is a member of a college and most live there for their first year at York and remain a part of its community if and when they live off campus. Each of the nine colleges has its own distinctive identity, atmosphere, facilities and history. There is also a very healthy college rivalry at York; whether its for the College Cup, the best events or the most money raised for RAG each year.

Every college always has a lot going on throughout the academic year, so be sure to check out their websites by clicking on the links below:


College Committee Elections 2019

Every November, the College Committee Elections take place over the course of three weeks; nominations over two weeks and voting lasts one week. These elections establish the next JCRC/CSA committee which will take up office in January for the next calendar year.

Nominations will go live at 12pm on Monday Week 4 (21st October 2019) and will close at 12pm Midday on Friday Week 5 (21st November 2019).

Voting will go live at 12pm on Monday Week 6 (4th November 2019) and will close at 3pm on Friday Week 6 (8th November 2019).

Cast your vote now!

Training for your role will take place in Week 7. Date will be confirmed closer to the time.

All nominations and votes can be made here:

You can view the College Elections 2019 Handbook just here: College Elections Handbook

If you have any questions about College Committee Elections, please get in touch with the Community Coordinator, Toby at [email protected].


Single Transferable Vote

The College Committee Elections uses Single Transferable Voting (STV). STV is a form of proportional representation, meaning that candidates aren’t elected on a majority vote, but instead need to fulfil a quota of votes determined by the number of votes cast and the number of positions that need to be filled.

When voting, you list your candidates in order of preference. Your vote can then be transferred between your first-choice and second-choice, and so on, if your preferred candidate does not reach the required quota. This ensures that all votes count towards the overall outcome of the election. Here is a video which explains STV in more detail:


What Can I Run For?

Every college has a wide range of positions available, each with their own varying structure - part of what makes each college unique! However, there are a number of positions which are common in most committees. Some Colleges also offer some very unique skill-based positions, so make sure you have a look at what your College’s JCRC/CSA has to offer. Each JCRC and CSA have a Terms of Reference which outlines how the committees are structured, governed, and ran; you can access these below:


Terms of Reference
Returning Officer: Lucy Horsnell and Sandhiya Chavda
College Manager : Jenny Underhill, [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officer: Jordan Pretty
College Manager: Jonny Lovell, [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officer: Daniel Taylor
College Manager: Keith Kinsella, [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officer: Sophie Gavriel
College Manager: Sarah Hay, [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officer: James Strong, Sam Marshall and Lara Shiels
College Managers: Auriel Hamilton, Cath Dickinson, [email protected]  [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officer: Seb Carreer
College Manager: Mike Britland, [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officers:
College Manager: Jonny Exon, [email protected]


Terms of Reference
Returning Officers: Willow Bowen and Joe Williscroft 
College Manager: Georgina Heath, [email protected]

Colleges’ Resource Hub

All key points of information that members of a College Committee need to know can be found in the Colleges’ Resource Hub.

This should be your first point of call for all key documents, information that will support your committees in event planning, milestones across the year, and guidance on representation and campaigning.

If you have any questions, or have a suggestion for something to go in the Resource Hub, please email Tobias Gormley on [email protected]

Colleges’ Resource Hub