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YUSU Elections 2021: Endorsements

Election Endorsements

Nominations for the YUSU Elections 2021 are in full swing and you can put yourself forward here

The nominations window is open until 12pm, midday, on Friday (19th February), so check out our minisite for more information: or contact [email protected]

This year, to maximise engagement and support candidates to connect with student communities across the University of York, we’re allowing student groups, societies, clubs, network and college committees, to endorse candidates. However, we  wanted to remind prospective candidates and student groups that endorsements should only be requested and communicated during the campaigning period, which does not start until 2nd March. Asking for endorsements does class as ‘canvassing for support’, so must not be done before campaigning begins. 

So if you are thinking about standing for a position, of course privately let your friends know and start gathering your campaign team, but don’t publicly ask students for support or seek endorsements from student groups and leaders. You can read the Election Rules at: and do get in touch if you have any questions.  

Happy nominations period and good luck!