How will Covid-19 affect first term?

Firstly, a massive well done to you all for getting a place at University! We know this probably isn’t how you imagined the world would be when you finished exams, and you’ll be wondering what life at York will be like when you arrive. We want to assure you that Covid-19 isn’t going to stop us from making sure sure you will have a brilliant first few weeks at York.

We’re still busy putting exciting plans in place for you so we can’t reveal all the details yet - but what we can tell you is what we’re dedicated to providing for you:

Introducing you to new friends

Us, along with the Colleges, the Graduate Students’ Union and your departments, will be hosting loads of events and activities where you can get to know your classmates and housemates. 

Showing off all the opportunities you can get involved in

YUSU has loads of student groups including societies, sports clubs, volunteering projects and more. Your first few weeks gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know these groups and discover new (or relish in existing!) interests or passions. The students who run these groups are eager for new members and can’t wait to introduce you to their community. 

Keeping you safe

Our number 1 priority is your safety. Understandably, some of you may be anxious about coming to York and the potential risks that Covid-19 poses. We’re working tirelessly to make sure that when you get here our not-for-profit student bars and student events will be clean, safe and accessible - without compromising a good time.

Representing your voice

As a member of YUSU, you are represented by loads of student representatives including 5 Full-Time Sabbatical Officers, Part-Time Officers and Academic Reps. These folk campaign on issues that you care about and lobby the University to make positive changes. During your first few weeks at York keep your eyes peeled for these reps as they’ll be on campus helping you get settled in.

Tackling loneliness or isolation

We know that many have spent lockdown by themselves or with very limited contact with others, which can cause loneliness and feelings of sadness. On top of that, you may feel overwhelmed living away from home for the first time when you arrive so we’re committed to making sure that you know who you can turn to if this happens at York. 

We’ve got a brilliant confidential Advice and Support Service, and the University has an Open Door team with trained counsellors. If you arrive and find yourself needing some support please do not suffer in silence. Reach out to friends, us, your college tutors or lecturers.

Getting you student discounts and deals

Finally, one of the best things about becoming a student is all the discounts you can get! 

With a Totum card, you can get access to hundreds of deals with companies such as Apple, ASOS and Boohoo - plus much more! Buy your Totum card here and stock up on the essentials you’ll need in September.

We love York, and we know that you will too. Come September, campus will be thriving with events and activities for you to get stuck into. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with what we’ve got in store for you. 

Finally, take care and we look forward to meeting you!