Welcome to York!


Congratulations! You’ve made it to York and we are so excited to welcome you to the University, where you’ll be studying, living and, hopefully, getting involved with your Students' Union for the next 3 years! First of all, we want to introduce ourselves; we are YUSU- the University of York Students’ Union and it is our job to represent you, support you and entertain you. Once you’re here, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with sports, societies, volunteering and a whole range of activities to go alongside your studies. Freshers' tickets will be available here from 22nd August. Don’t worry, we will send you more information before you arrive!

An integral part of YUSU are our Sabbatical Officers, or 'Sabbs'. They are elected by you, the student body, and work incredibly hard to represent you in different areas. Your Sabbs for this year are Samara, Effy, Giang, Ollie & Maddi. Look out for them during your Freshers’ week and follow them on Facebook.

As a Fresher, you’ll want to stay up to date with news on Freshers’ week. For a list of YUSU events and information on tickets, go to our Freshers’ site and click 'attending' on our Facebook event to stay in the loop.

All of this information can be overwhelming so for some useful tips, best kept secrets and interesting articles have a look at our News and Blogs page! You might just be inspired by our 5 Brunch Spots and 14 'Need to Knows', so keep an eye out for more blogs to come!