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Nominations extended - YUSU’s NUS Delegate Elections 2020 Information

Update - Nomination period extended to 9am 3rd Decemember, with voting now taking place between 3rd Dec 12 noon - 8th Dec 12 noon



YUSU is a member organisation of the National Union of Students (NUS). Established in 1922, the NUS represents around 7 million students across the UK. It is a voluntary membership organisation, which aims to make a real difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions. They promote, defend and extend the rights of students and develop and champion strong students’ unions. It also delivers training for our staff and elected Officers; supports students financially through the NUS Card and makes supplies cheaper for students’ unions nationally. If you don’t know what the NUS does, follow this link to see some of the things they have achieved for students over the years. 

National Conference 2021

Like YUSU, the NUS is a democratic, student-led organisation and has elected Officers who run campaigns on a wide range of issues relevant to students and respond to policy ideas submitted by their membership. From Mon 12th Apr - Tue 13th 2021 in Liverpool (subject to change), the NUS will hold its annual National Conference - the largest democratic gathering of students in the world. 

This is the top decision-making body of NUS. Delegates are elected from each affiliated students’ union to represent students’ views on a national level, decide on priorities and policy and elect the leaders for the following year. 

Electing YUSU’s Delegates 

YUSU has 6 spaces for delegates to go to National Conference. One is automatically given to the Union President, but the five others are open for any student at the University of York! Your travel and accommodation is paid for by us and you get the chance to vote on policy ideas, submit your own and elect next year’s NUS Officers. Training and support will be provided to ensure you have the tools to participate as effectively as possible.   

At National Conference 2014, delegates passed a policy to ensure that delegations to National Conference would be made up of “at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down”. For us, that means that at least 3 of our 6 elected delegates will be self-defining women.

You don’t need to hold any other student roles, this is a chance for anyone to get involved in the decision making of the national student movement. All you need to do is nominate yourself on our website from Monday. If you identify as a woman please nominate yourself in the ‘NUS Delegate (self-defining woman)’ category or if you do not identify as a women please nominate yourself in the ‘NUS Delegate (open place)’ category.

Nominations are open from midday Monday 16th Nov til 9amThursday 3rd December (Week 10). 

Voting will go live at 12pm on Thursday 3rd December 2020 (Week 10) and will close at 12pm on Tuesday 8th December.

Please get in touch with [email protected] if you have any questions.