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My Role- Faculty Rep.


‘My Role’ - Faculty Rep 

Sophie tells us what it's like to be a Faculty Rep. Read on for information, inspiration and firsthand experience!

What is your role? / What do you do? 

I am the elected student representative for the Faculty of Social Sciences. I represent all Social Sciences students and ensure that their voices are being heard at university-level committees such as Senate and Faculty Learning and Teaching Group committee.


What interested you about the role? 

This is the best way to create positive changes at a university level and to attain useful skills for my professional development. Also, I am interested in gaining an insight into the policy-making procedures of the university to understand how decisions are made. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are passionate about helping the community at York.


How did it feel being elected? 

To be honest, I was quite surprised to see the results as I was competing against wonderful candidates. The news caught me off guard. After the first shock, I felt proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. 


What are you most proud of having done in your role so far? 

I participated in the Study Smart campaign as I find that students are not aware of all the great resources the university has to offer to improve their learning experience. I assisted the YUSU Student Engagement Coordinator with some useful study tips that we then posted on the Student Rep Instagram page.


What have you gained by being a Faculty Representative?

I have got to see what goes on behind the scenes and hence a deeper knowledge of the decision-making bodies at the university. I saw how much hard work YUSU puts into promoting and representing students’ interests. Last but certainly not least, I have got to brainstorm with awesome people to overcome challenges.


What advice would you give to somebody thinking about doing your role? 

Firstly, be flexible as things sometimes don’t go as planned. You will be collaborating with many people who have diverse schedules so it’s an advantage if you are a good organiser. Most importantly, when you come across some challenges, it is okay to be open and honest about your struggles. YUSU is your friend, they will support you in any way they can.


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