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Elections Results!


Elections Results!


Elections Night has been and gone so, for those of you who weren’t there, here are your elected representatives!


Sabbatical Officers

Union President- Patrick O'Donnell

York Sport President - Maddi Cannell (second sabbatical year)

Academic Officer - Matt Johnstone

Student Activities Officer- Brian Terry

Community & Wellbeing Officer- Carly Precious 


Part-Time Officers

Volunteering Officer- Hayley Callaway

RAG (Raising and Giving) Officer- Max Stafford

LGBTQ Officer- Matt Rogan and Dan Loyd

International Students' Officer- Moeen Bhatti and Polina Belkina

Womens' and Non-Binary Officer- Daisy Slate and Neha Shah

Disabled Students Officer- Victoria Cornford and Rowan Casey

Working Class Officer- Kate Archer and Lucy Mason   

BAME Students' Officer- Fiks Aderemi and Simi Odukoya  


Faculty Reps

Sciences Faculty Rep- Pippa Davies

Social Sciences Faculty Reps- Rokas Subacius  

Arts and Humanities Faculty Rep- Catherine Brislane  



Over the course of the election 4,896 unique voters cast a total of 40,569 votes (23.8% of eligible voters turned out). Although this is less than last year’s turnout of 6,140 students (31% turnout), this year the current Sabbatical Officers requested a focus on candidate wellbeing over turnout. We shortened the campaigning period to reduce the pressure on candidates and reduce the time missed on study, so the results reflect 4 ballot days in contrast to 5 full ballot days in the 2019 election. Despite this we saw an increase in the individual votes cast and much higher than average voting for the PTO roles, which is great!



It’s amazing that your votes didn’t only contribute to the Elections, but also contributed to charity. For every voter, the University donated 75p to charity. Half of this went to YUSU RAG and half went to the Equal Access Scholarship fund for asylum seekers. We are really proud to announce that your votes raised £3672 for charity! Thank you, everyone!


By-elections Results

By-Elections took place in Weeks 9 and 10 and we can now announce our final members of your elected Officer Group:

Environment and Ethics Officer- Charlotte Ingrey

Mature Students' Officers- Josh Mackenzie and Heather Green