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Activities and Wellbeing Tips for Social Distancing


  1. First and foremost-- take care of your mental and physical wellbeing! Do a yoga or workout video from Instagram or Youtube, order some frozen fruit and veggies with your next shop and make a smoothie. 

  2. Focus on caring for your plants and flowers. Read up on them, find the best place to keep them alive, repot them if they need it, and see how much brighter they make your home. 

  3. Check out some of BBC goodfood's store cupboard recipes to see what you can rustle up! 

  4. It’s probably easier now than it normally is to stay hydrated. No need to worry about timing toilet breaks with lectures, and the loo is so close! Keep that bottle by your side! 

  5. Have a spring clean. Clear out all that old rubbish you don’t need anymore and channel your inner Marie Kondo. 

  6. Adjust the 'Feng shui' in your room. Channel your inner creativitiy, your inner interior designer, and find some happiness in your immediate surroundings. 

  7. Read that book you’ve been meaning to. Maybe you'll rediscover a genre you used to love or lose yourself in something new. 

  8. Listen to a podcast. Maybe it’s science, history, current affairs-- who knows what you’ll discover!

  9. Consider what hobbies you could take up when the situation allows; explore what possibilities are out there. Get inspired, get excited!

  10. Take this opportunity to catch up with friends, old and current. We might need to be physically distant, but not emotionally or mentally!

  11. Read up on something new! Gardening, cooking, environmental issues, mythology-- challenge yourself to learn something new every day. You might discover a new interest.  

  12. Try not to think too much about what you ‘could’ be doing if things were different. So many people are in the same situation.

  13. When you wake up, have a shower and get dressed as normal. Staying in your pajamas is a nice treat, but the novelty may wear off if you do it every day and might start to make you feel sluggish

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