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100 Trees


100 Trees 

As you may have seen from our Living More Sustainably blog post, here at YUSU we are trying to reduce our wastefulness and make a positive contribution to helping the environment. 

To celebrate National Tree Week, YUSU invited Badger Hill School to plant 100 Trees on Diamond Wood, (near Campus East), alongside our Sabbs and YUSU staff.

As well as getting their hands dirty, the Year 4 students wrote about their ‘favourite types of trees’ and learned about their positive environmental impact. Our Head of Green Impact at YUSU and organiser of the ‘100 Trees’ project, said  “I asked my son... if his class would like to help planting the trees. So after a few phone calls and emails were exchanged the project was created. Today was a blast and the children really enjoyed themselves. Alongside this, we also did some little workshops discussing the importance of trees within Green Impact and the benefits of them”.

The trees were donated by the NUS group, Students for Trees, who aim to change attitudes towards trees and woods in the local environment and provide the resources for Unions to run activities as part of Tree Day. On the day, we had help from the University Estates Team, who donated their time and equipment to educate the children and who will continue to nurture the trees.

This green project is just one of many that we are working on with the University! You may have seen our can-crushers in some of our venues, cigarette ballot boxes and recycling bins for alternative waste, such as dental hygiene products and cables, outside the Student Centre. Such projects were made possible due to the money raised from the newly introduced ‘latte levy’, which charges customers 20p extra when they order drinks with single-use cups from on-campus venues.