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YUSU’s unique coffee blend made by Roastology

Roastology, is the latest high end brand launched by Cafeology and focuses on the highest quality, small batch, roasted, coffee beans. In August 2018, their new Roastery and distribution facility was opened in Sheffield. 

Roastology’s Mission Statement:

 ‘To consistently deliver exceptional ethically sourced products selected by taste and sourced directly through long term, sustainable relationships. Driven by a team of carefully chosen professionals who are selected for their passion and alignment to the core principles of integrity, accountability and a desire for perfection’.

Together, YUSU and Roastology have created a bespoke locally roasted blend, which provides YUSU Commercial Services with a fully traceable, speciality coffee to sell to our customers - you! This partnership with YUSU, who as an organisation places the utmost importance on the ethical values of the suppliers whose products we sell, offers us a fully transparent picture of the product’s route to market, ensuring that our shared values are maintained.

Our YUSU Blend can be traced back to Colombia where Roastology work closely with team ‘Asoapia’ in Pereira Colombia, guided by local farmer Francisco ‘Pacho’ Herrera.

The relationship between Cafeology and Asoapia was established in 2009. In celebration of  the 10 year anniversary of this union, November 2019 saw  Pacho paying a visit to our very own Kitchen @ Alcuin. During his time with us it became very apparent how deeply passionate he was about coffee farming. He took time to  inform us of the many challenges that traditional coffee producers currently face. These range from extreme climatic events affecting harvests brought on by our warming planet, to the depopulation of rural areas to the cities, depriving these rural communities of their workforce. 

Alongside these challenges, coffee producers like Pacho also have to contend with large conglomerates who farm coffee on an industrial scale in order to meet Western demand. This has an extremely negative effect upon the price of coffee which is traded on the New York Commodity Exchange. Indeed, the price of a pound of coffee on the Exchange is inevitably less than the cost of production for a traditional coffee farmer like Pacho.

This brings us back to the importance of supporting growers like Pacho through our relationship with Roastology. Roastology have committed to not only paying Fair Trade rates for their coffee beans but also pay an additional Social Welfare premium. This allows Co-operatives like the one Pacho leads to re-invest in their communities and ensure the continuance of their way of life.

So next time you enjoy a cup of YUSU coffee don’t forget to raise a toast to Pacho and his vision for his community and your part in helping this become a reality.

The YUSU Blend is a must try on campus, in many of our venues including, The Courtyard, The Kitchen @ Alcuin and Vanbrugh Arms.