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YUSU’s statement on Hong Kong student protest at the UoY

Statement on the 28th October

A number of media outlets have reported that Hong Kong students were told to remove a protest display from the University of York Students' Union's freshers' fair on Saturday 5th October. YUSU is in the process of speaking to all parties concerned to establish the full facts and the circumstances of the matter.

To date, no complaints relating to this issue have been received from students involved.

The Fair exists to showcase the rich range of student opportunities available at York; over 300 student groups attended the event including a diverse range of ratified political groups. These societies exist to help enhance learning and education experience outside of the classroom. They provide opportunities to learn about difference in a respectful, inclusive and safe environment and work with the Union to support our commitment to promote freedom of speech.

YUSU takes its duty of care to all students seriously and is committed to ensuring student wellbeing is a priority in all Union activity.


Update as of 1st November

Having conducted an investigation following media reports we have found no evidence that any students were required to take down material from their stalls by any member of staff or security. We have not received any complaints of this nature from students. What is clear from our investigation is that there was a disagreement between students at the event.

We will be reviewing guidance to ensure staff can support students to speak freely on extremely sensitive issues while showing respect for one another.

We believe universities should provide a platform where a variety of views can be debated and challenged and we remain committed to creating a positive environment which is fair, welcoming and inclusive.