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Student Led Activity: Grant Funding


YUSU are pleased to confirm that a grant funding scheme has been made available for activities or projects that are led by York students. The YuFund: Kick Start Support fund will be opening on Friday 31st July and will encompass funding opportunities for essential items for term 1 activity, as well as innovative new student led projects.

Like many organisations, YUSU has had to make financial savings throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure there is a long term future for the organisation, its staff and most importantly the students. One of the main areas that has been impacted by the cost saving measures is the student group grant funding scheme. Every year YUSU supports it’s student led activity by offering grants to projects and groups to ensure they can offer exciting opportunities to their members. The grants often fund essential items such as instructor payments, transport, license fees and printing costs. The future of the grant scheme was uncertain and therefore, YUSU has sourced alternative funding opportunities for term 1 to ensure that student leaders are able to offer sessions to members and adapt to the current environment. 

YuFund, along with the University’s Academic Registry and the Student Project Fund, have kindly agreed to finance a one off opportunity called YuFund: Kick Start Support. YUSU and the GSA will also be contributing to the funding opportunity to ensure it has the biggest reach possible. The fund will be accessible through an application form and we encourage leaders from any student led activity to apply. 

Student led activity is at the heart of University life and right now, having those opportunities and communities is more important than ever. Thank you to our generous alumni supporters at YuFund, as well as the University for allowing us to kick start student activity in term 1. 

More information will be made available on how to apply in the coming days!