Freshers’ Events


YUSU here! Have you bought your Freshers' tickets yet?

Your ticketed YUSU events will take place from 6th October. We will be hosting Comedy Night, Viking Raid and Freshers' Festival- keep an eye out for our headliners! Check out our Freshers' page for event info, click 'attending' on our Facebook event and don't forget to buy your tickets!

There are so many exciting events to attend, so why not get a Bundle Ticket? This gives you access to Comedy Night, Freshers' Festival and Viking Raid! So grab that horned helmet, crack out the festival glitter and get ready for the giggles, because we don't want you to miss out!

Don't forget about your College Freshers! Taking place from 27th September - 4th October, you can attend a range of exciting events and get to know people you'll be sharing a college with.

Is this the first time you're hearing from us? Don't worry! You can find our previous newsletter here for some useful info.

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Make sure you don't miss Freshers' Fringe! Run by your elected Part-Time Officers and their Networks, the Fringe offers an alternative range of events, from a Film Screening run by the Environment and Ethics Network to the Disabled Students' Network’s festival of accessibility, ‘Accessival’. Keep checking the event's page for updates and click 'attending' on the Facebook group to stay in the loop!

Will you be bringing your family to University? Great! We have special family-orientated events and we'd love to see you there! Check out the event's page page for more info.

Make sure to check out '8 Things You Really Don't Need to Bring to Uni' for some handy tips and reminders!



Make sure you're buying an official YUSU Freshers' ticket! There are fake Freshers' tickets and unofficial events out there and we don't want you to be scammed. Check out this page for tips on how to spot a fake ticket or event, who to contact and more.