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Feel-good watching from the Sabbs

We all have a bit more time on our hands right now, so here are some feel-good movie recommendations from the Sabbs for you to check out!


"An incredibly moving story which follows the shared struggles of two groups of people coming together to achieve change and liberation" - Patrick O'Donnell

The King's Speech 

"A really inspiring story about perseverance which illustrates the ability to overcome challenges in the face of intense pressure" - Patrick O'Donnell 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E 

"It's the rubbish jokes and predictable humour that get me; it's lewd and owns it" - Matt Jonhstone

The Breakfast Club 

"The Breakfast Club is a highly relatable film that highlights differences between individuals but unites them as they all face struggles and develop a new understanding and empathy of one another, with the clear message that you can never judge a book by its cover and friendship can be found in the most unexpected places" - Carly Precious

Star Wars Episode IV

"I honestly love the excitement, actiion and adventure - it's a fantatic universe just to loose yourself in (and eat some popcorn while watching!)" - Brian Terry


"Do we need to explain why this is a brilliant film!?" - Maddi Cannell