Watch out for Freshers scams

Every year unofficial or fake Freshers events and groups begin popping up across social media. These will often claim to be the only 'official' Freshers events or groups for the University of York or (in very small writing in their bio) disclaim that they are not affiliated with the university or us. As a result of this, we often get queries from prospective students who've spent money on events that aren't real.

But never fear - we're on a mission to make sure that you don't fall into this trap and find yourself spending money on the wrong things. Read the below carefully and if you think you've spotted a fake Freshers event or group then email us at [email protected].


First things, first - follow the right pages on social media

We're still busy planning our Freshers' activities, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news. We're not selling any tickets for any events yet so don't worry - you won't miss out.

Similarly, follow the University of York's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!


How to spot a 'fake' event or social media group/page

'Unofficial' events or pages may:

  • Use panic tactics to scare you and make you feel like you’ll miss out if you don't buy their tickets straightaway!
  • Use branding that isn't recognizable or consistent, or steal ours or the university's logo on their branding - but it'll probably be of low quality.
  • Change the location of an event suddenly or not have a location at all!
  • Have a disclaimer in their bio about not being affiliated with us or the university. Make sure to read the small print.

Nouse (one of our student media groups) wrote a really detailed article about this last year.


What's so bad about these 'unofficial' events or pages?

These events are not guaranteed to be just for students, safe or necessarily legal. Sometimes they're just completely make-up to make the companies a quick buck or get hold of your data!

Unofficial social media pages aren't always necessarily a bad thing, especially if you know they're not affiliated. They may be run by students and be used to introduce you to others on your course or in your college. Just make sure to fact check anything you read on these and always feel free to get in touch with us if you have a question.

However, others are run by external events companies who, again, are trying to make money off of events that aren't run by us or the university, as well as collect your data.


What do I do if I think I've spotted an 'unofficial' Freshers event or page?

  • Email ([email protected]) with a link to the event or page, and we guarantee to verify whether it is real or fake within 2 working days.
  • We will report the event or page to the relevant social media platform if it breaches their terms and conditions.
  • Do NOT buy anything from the event or page until we have verified it, otherwise you could lose out on a lot of money.


What to do if I’ve bought an 'unofficial' Freshers event ticket?

  • Email [email protected] with a link to the event, and we will verify whether it is real or fake within 2 days.
  • Unfortunately, if it is fake, we can’t help you to get your money back. However, we urge you to still share the link with us so we can help other students to avoid it.