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Covid-19 Forum Launch


I am really excited to announce (after a few technical difficulties) we are launching the Covid-19 Forum, an online feedback portal, where you can ask us questions; share your experiences or views; and suggest ideas. With the effects Covid-19 is having on students, in a variety of ways, we think it is really important to give students a  platform to interact directly with the Sabbatical officers and other students. 

We have adapted the function of the module on our website that we had planned to launch as part of the policy process, which we have also decided to pause for this term after discussions with the Policy Coordinator. We felt in the current climate we should be looking at ways of interacting, answering questions and working on short term change. It is really important that we prioritise supporting students throughout the crisis, which means we have to be mindful while we run at a limited capacity and do not commit to longer term policy that we may not be able to complete.

Anyone can submit something, you just need to log in on the website and then click submit. There are four types of submission: Question, Experience, View or Idea. You can show your support or affinity with another student’s experience or a view by giving it a ‘thumbs up’. During the current Covid-19 situation our main priority is understanding what students are going through rather than implementing ideas that get the most support. Ideas and questions will therefore be fast tracked rather than voted on, enabling us to respond and take action quickly, where appropriate. We will use all the submissions we receive to better understand what you want us to prioritise and how we should be influencing the University.

This platform is something I have been working on implementing since the summer holidays, an online feedback platform was a manifesto pledge, as an easier way of not online asking questions and submitting ideas, but also being able to see what other students have submitted. Since lockdown I’ve been working with the Student Voice team and Kelly, the Policy Coordinator, on how was can adapt this tool and make it work best for students during the pandemic, it is also a chance for us to test the platform out before using it as an integral part of setting union policy and implementing student ideas. 

It is now up to you! Submit your questions, ideas, views and experiences to the Covid-19 Forum. Show your support and comment on other posts. We are looking forward to hearing from you!