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How can I educate myself and others?

Anything missing from these resources? Please contact - Steph Hayle or YUSU.

Academic Resources

If you are looking to develop an in-depth understanding of the causes of racial bias, white privilege, policy indifference etc, academic sources are a key resource NOT to be missed. These will take time to read, but it is worth it. Non academic resources are also listed below as we understand not everyone will be comfortable reading academic content.

Reading these will help you not only understand current issues, but how to systematically break down existing barriers and be a proactive ally to the Black community.
If not hyperlinked, you can find these resources using the University Library website.

(These are academic resources I, (Community and Wellbeing Officer, Steph) have personally collected and utilised throughout my degree and beyond (my academic focus was on political bias and terrorism, understanding racial and cultural divides and their impacts on policing and crime) so I can highly recommend them as sources to greatly shape your understanding and outlook on these issues).

Whilst not all resources here are directly on BLM they help place institutional and systemic racism as part of the broader narrative, and help explain how many people’s current worldview is shaped in particular ways, and how we can address this.

White Privilege:

  • Apple, M. (1998) Forward, in Kincheloe at al. ‘White Reign: Deploying Whiteness in America.’ St. Martin’s Press: New York. P.xi-3

  • Bennett, J. (2013), White Privilege: A History of the Concept. [online]

  • Fine, M, Weise, L, Powell Pruitt, and Burns, A. (2004) Off White: Readings on Power, Privilege and Resistance. 2nd Ed. Routledge: London

  • Gallagher, C. (1995) ‘White Reconstruction in the University’. Socialist Review 94. Vol 1 Issue 27, pp194.

  • Kendall, F. (2002). Understanding White Privilege, [online]

  • Kincheloe, J and Steinberg, S (1998) Addressing the Crisis Of Whiteness. in Kincheloe at al. ‘White Reign: Deploying Whiteness in America.’ St. Martin’s Press: New York.p3-31

  • Lipsitz, G. (2006) The Possessive Investment In Whiteness: How White People Profit From Identity Politics. Temple University press: Philadelphia 

  • McIntosh, P. (1989)  “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, Peace and Freedom. [online]


Migrants and Criminal Othering:

  • Aas, K. (2011) ‘Crimmigrant’ bodies and bona fide travelers: Surveillance, citizenship and global governance, Theoretical Criminology, Vol. 15, No. 3, 331-346

  • Tyler, I. (2010) Designed to fail: A biopolitics of British citizenship, citizenship studies, Vol. 14, No. 1, 61-74 


Institutional Racism:

  • Becker, H.S., 1974. Labelling theory reconsidered. Deviance and social control. London: Tavistock.

  • Kaufman, J, and Agnew, R. (2010) Anomie, Strain, and Subcultural Theories of Crime. Routledge: London

  • Malloy, D, J. (2014) The New Black Panther Party, Black Nationalism and the Tangled Legacy of COINTELPRO. In Michael, G. Extremism in America. University Press of Florida P70-114


Hate Crime:

  • Disha, A., Cavendish, J., King, R. (2011) Historical Events and Spaces of Hate: Hate Crimes against Arabs and Muslims in Post-9/11 America, Social problems, Vol. 58, No. 1, 21-46

  • Iganski, P. (2001) Hate crimes hurt more, American behavioral scientist, Vol. 45, No. 4, 626-638 


Prison Culture: 

  • Cavadino, M. & Dignan, J. (2013) The Penal System: An Introduction (5th ed). London: Sage. Chapter 2, Justifying Punishment, pp. 32-60. 

  • Davis, A. (2003) Are Prisons Obsolete? Seven Stories Press: New York

  • Jewkes, Y., Bennett, J., Crewe, B. (ed) (2016). Handbook on Prisons (2nd ed). Routledge. Chapter, 39 Imprisonment in a global world, pp. 698-711.


Political Bias & Racism:


Video Resources:
Here is a link to a twitter thread of black documentaries that assist in understanding racism, prejudice, police brutality, and more.

Also check out:


Other Resources:
Check out this collection of further anti-racism resources including books, podcasts, and more.