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Roses Update


Last week we had our first virtual meeting with Lancaster Students Union to discuss what Roses may look like next year. It was really nice to put some names to faces and discover we’re all on the same page, in that we want to do everything we can to ensure we have some kind of Roses this year to give students something positive to look forward to!

What exactly will that look like? Due to the uncertainty around Sport because of Covid, none of us really know yet. But we can assure you as Officers and wider SU teams that we’re going to do everything possible, so that come May we can reignite the old rivalry. 

We are going to meet for further discussions in January when, hopefully, there will be a clearer picture, allowing us to come up with a more detailed plan about how it is all going to work. 

The key thing to take away right now is that both Unions are committed to doing all we can to get Roses to go ahead next year. We are excited to start working together to make sure everyone’s favourite weekend can still go ahead!