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Independent Venue Week: Get Involved!


YUSU is partnering with Independent Venue Week and York Music Venue Network to provide opportunities for students to throw events at a variety of independent venues in York at vastly reduced hire fees, and with the full support and backing of YUSU and the venues.


Independent Venue Week is a nationwide week at the end of January celebrating Grassroots Music Venues. During this week, venues put on events to showcase what they do, as well as book artists that otherwise might not play venues such as these. The week will be getting significant local and national press coverage. Last year, Steve Lamaq visited York during the week, broadcasting his BBC show and visiting events put on by the venues. 


York Music Venue Network is a new local organisation with members including The Crescent, Fulford Arms, Victoria Vaults, The Basement, Micklegate Social, SPARK and many more. Venues range in capacity from 50 - 250, and can accommodate a wide variety of events. Perhaps you've always wanted to put on a gig with your friends bands and DJs? Or maybe you are a society looking for a venue for your fundraising event/play/film screening/fashion show/comedy night? Whatever your idea is, we want to hear from you! We want to create new partnerships between students and venues in town, supporting both York's and Uni of York's cultural entrepreneurs. 


Details: To apply, all you need to do is send us an approximately 50 word proposal of what you would like to plan to [email protected] by Midday Jan 6th.


Try to think about: 


- What capacity space do you need? (How many people do you expect to attend? Do you already know the venue you would like to use?)

- What equipment do you need? (Instruments? PA?)

- What makes your event different and unique? (How are you marketing it? Who is going to attend?)

- What support do you need from YUSU and the venues? 


Please note: all IVW shows must be ticketed entry, and you must pay the artists involved. This is part of creating a healthy cultural ecosystem!


Whilst we won't be able to accommodate every single event idea during this week, we hope that we can help you create the partnerships you need to put on your event regardless.