13 YUSU Opportunities

Coming to uni isn't just about studying. There are so many other things you can get involved in!


1. Join one of our Clubs, Societies or Student Media groups

We fund and support all our sports clubs, societies and student media groups, which are run by dedicated students. Getting involved with these groups is a great way of making friends, trying something new and broadening your skillset. 


2. Give it a Go

If you’re not sure that a society or club will be right for you, we run Give it a Go programmes throughout the year. You’ll be able to go along to taster sessions and try out different student groups. These sessions are low-cost and require no future commitment!


3. Become an Academic Representative

Academic Reps are the link between students, their departments and, more widely, the University. They can pass on your feedback so you can remain anonymous in any complaint. You could be a Course Rep, a Department Rep or a Faculty Rep


4. Run to be a Part-time Officer

Some Part-time Officers lead Liberation groups and underrepresented students. Others work to create volunteering and fundraising opportunities for students. You can run to be a Part-Time Officer in the YUSU Office Elections which take place in Spring term!  


5. Run to be a Full-time Officer (Sabbatical Officer)

We have five Sabbs who are each responsible for a specific area within YUSU. They are elected for a term of one year and work to represent all students to the University and the City. 


6. Student Staff

We employ lots of student staff to work for us part-time. It’s a great way of earning some money, which won’t get in the way of your studies. Roles vary from Helpdesk Assistant to College Sport Assistant, so there are lots of different opportunities.


7. CS Staff

We also employ a number of students in our bars! If you’re looking to gain experience in the kitchen, or working behind a bar, this is an excellent opportunity. 


8. Eat and drink at our venues

 Each of our six on-campus venues are a bit different. You can grab a coffee and a muffin at the Kitchen, or a pint and a curry at the Courtyard. We always strive to provide the best quality food and drink for great value.


9. Get independent and confidential advice and guidance

Our Advice and Support Centre (ASC) are a team of advisors who can offer independent and confidential guidance on academic, welfare and personal issues. You can arrange an appointment or drop in to chat to one of our advisors. 


10. Come to our events

Throughout the year, we run huge events like Freshers’ Fair, Roses, the Love York Awards and Summer Ball. These events are open to all students and tickets are sold online on our website and at the Helpdesk. 


11. Join our RAG (Raising and Giving) Committee

RAG are a student-led body who promote and engage in fundraising for local, national and international charities. They also run one-off appeals. You can apply for a role on the committee so you can help to coordinate events and projects, oversee budgets and liaise with charity partners. 


12. Join one of our 16 volunteering projects

We have 16 student-led projects to choose from. You can work with children and young people or the elderly, or get involved in Tea and Coffee Club, Teddy Bear Hospital or Inkwell. 


13. Training courses

We offer a number of online training courses which are really useful for students on committees. We also offer accredited training courses, like Emergency First Aid.