9 and a half Hidden Gems on Campus

1. Buddha

Many a hopeful third- year has visited the Buddha before an exam. It’s said that rubbing his belly brings you good luck! You can find him behind the Berrick Saul building surrounded by gifts and tokens from students.


2. Cookies

If you find yourself wondering the halls of the Biology department, the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies may draw you to this utopia. Selling hot drinks, soups, sandwiches and, of course, lovely, chewy cookies it is the perfect place to pick up a snack on the way to a lecture.


3. Astro Campus

The Astro Campus sits behind the Sports Centre and houses some pretty cool telescopes. Once a fortnight, (from October to March), the Astro Campus opens to the public. During these sessions you can tour the observatories and have the chance to see the Moon, planets and stars through high-tech equipment. 


4. Quiet Place garden

The Quiet Place is actually a well-known area of campus as it’s so photogenic. But not everyone knows about the enclosed garden, which is available to be used by students and staff members. You can contact Room Bookings to arrange access to the area, which can be used for ‘quiet reflection, meditation, prayer, reading and contemplative walking.’


5. Footpath from Biology to the Science Park

If you’re looking for a walking or running route around campus, there’s a public footpath which stretches from Biology, through an underpass and all the way around Alcuin College to the Science Park. It’s a nice quiet route and, if you’re lucky, you might see a few rabbits along the way. 


6. Island of Interaction

With the new Piazza building drawing lots of students to its brilliant study spaces, the Ron Cooke Hub’s facilities can be overlooked. However, the Island of Interaction is a great place for group study! Overlooking the Atrium, this space has everything you need to get started on a project, like whiteboards and comfy bean bags.


7. Living Wall

Not only is the Environment building’s living wall a very insta-worthy landmark, but it actually helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the building! The building is kept cooler in summer and warmer in winter and the exterior wall is protected from weather damage.  


8. King’s Manor library

If you’re looking for a study spot in the city centre, head to King’s Manor! Home of three academic departments and a Grade I listed building, it’s worth a visit. The library has study spaces and is almost never too busy. You can also have books delivered there from JB Morrell. There’s a lovely cafe in the 17th century Refectory that serves hot drinks and food at reasonable prices and it’s a stone’s throw away from the lovely cafes in the town centre. 


9. Study Pods

Another excellent place for group-work on Heslington East. You can book out these pods, which lie on the small lake outside the Ron Cooke Hub, using the Room Bookings system.


And a half…. The Kitchen at Alcuin

The Kitchen is not exactly a ‘hidden’ gem on campus, but it is a gem! Serving up freshly made hot and cold sandwiches and a range of coffees and teas, loads of students know it’s a great place to take a study break. But did you know it does a cracking breakfast deal?