14 ‘Need to Knows’


Starting uni can be overwhelming so to make your Freshers’ Week a little easier, we’ve put together a list of just some of things you might find useful - in no particular order. 

DISCLAIMER: this isn't EVERYTHING you’ll need to know, but just a few tips. Share more with us online with the #LoveYork.


1.       This is a big one, and something we absolutely feel every student should know.  If you find yourself in need of some confidential advice or support on academic, welfare and personal issues, come and visit our Advice and Support Centre. It’s good to know who they are if you just need that little bit of support.

2.       If you’re living in campus accommodation, this page is a really useful base for payment information, reporting a maintenance issue and who to contact.

3.       Sabbs are an important part of your Students’ Union and are great people to know, both socially and for representing you. Each Sabbatical Officer looks after a specific area in YUSU and work hard to improve your experience as a student.  This year we have Maddy, Effy, Samara, Giang and Ollie. Follow them on social media!

4.       If studying in your room isn’t your thing, then book one of the uni’s rooms on campus! Whether you’re booking independently, with a group, need a quiet desk space or room to move around and talk, this page will give you all the information you need. FYI, if you want to book a room in the library, you’ll need to look here.

5.       York is a relatively small city, (and cycle-friendly), so getting around is pretty easy. If you go between Campus East and West a lot, you can hop on the 66 or 66a, (which are free between campuses). Have a look at the First website for timetables and prices.  

6.       Whether you live on or off campus, keep an eye on the YUSU freshers events page and follow us on social media for events postings.

7.       It can sometimes be difficult to stay up to date with information when living off campus. So have a read of this page for some useful information, guidance and updates. 

8.       There are plenty of places on campus where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat. They can be great places to meet new people at one of our socials, hang out with your friends, or just have a quick refreshment before lectures. Have a look here!

9.       While we are on the topic of food and drink, YUSU's campus bars and cafes don’t take card, only cash and Yoyo wallet. You don’t want to be caught short when you’re craving a coffee.

10.     If you live on campus, you won’t have a washing machine in your room and, at some point, you will need to venture to one of campus’ laundrette points to clean your clothes. Have a look at this page for info on costs and where they are.

 11.    If you find yourself without money, but need to get a taxi back to your campus accommodation, your college will cover the cost when you get there and you can pay them back the next day. Have a chat with your college reception for more information. 

12.     There are plenty of supermarkets in York to keep you fueled. FYI, there are also two Aldis, and a Lidl coming in Autumn! For a smaller shop, there are three Nisas across the two campuses, which can be handy if you just need to grab a pint of milk or some much needed teabags!

13.     If you’re a postgraduate, the GSA, or Graduate’s Student Association, are your representative body - like YUSU, but for postgraduates. 

14.     There are lots of doctors’ surgeries in York, but Unity Health has a surgery on Campus East, so it’s pretty handy as a student.  


Hopefully this list gave you some useful tips!