Food and Drink

Eat, drink and socialise at our six YUSU venues on campus - all of which provide something a little bit different from the others. Click below to find out more and how to get in touch with each venue:



Want to book one of our venues for an event?

Email [email protected] with details of your event, your desired location and any other details you think we’ll need to know!

If you’re stuck for event ideas but know that you want to use one of our bars, you can still email the address above and we can still help you!

Yoyo Wallet - mobile payments   

YUSUBars only take cash or payments via YoYo Wallet - not card! 

YoYo Wallet is a mobile app that lets you pay for your food and drink on your phone. A bit like PayPal, you link it with your card, come place your order at one of our bars and instead of using your card to pay, simply scan your personalised code from your phone and that’s it! Order placed, meal deal purchased. No faff. No fuss. Efficient, fast service.

Download it here!