CHMS Presents: Dogfight

"Adapted from the 1991 film of the same name, Dogfight is a statement about the military culture of the 1960s and the inevitable realization that no one is invincible. Written by the composing team behind 'La La Land' and 'The Greatest Showman', Pasek and Paul have created this hauntingly beautiful score, alongside the book by Paul Duchan. The Vietnam War is over and Eddie Birdlace is heading back to San Francisco where he spent his last night in the United States before being shipped out. His memories of that memorable night flood back: It is November 1963, and Eddie and his best friends Boland and Bernstein (The Three Bees) decide to spend their last night before deployment in a “dogfight” challenge: who can find the ugliest girl around and bring her to a party where she will be judged? But when Eddie finally finds Rose Fenny, an awkward waitress who has never been on a date, he has a complete change of heart. She learns about the dogfight but is determined to not let it define her as an ugly and pathetic girl, leaving Eddie changed in his perspective and world view regarding the power of love and compassion."

Content Warnings: gunshots and other loud war-like sounds, strong language, scenes of a sexual nature and depictions of violence

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5th March, 2020