Alcuin Refreshers 2020

Loved Freshers? Well you'll be pleased to know that we have planned another fabulous week for you! We have lots of exciting new events this year, along with some of the usual favourites. Check out our Facebook page for the full Refreshers timetable. The 'Refreshers' ticket includes all of our brilliant day time events, including those tasty hangover lunches, 3 club night entries (Kuda, Fibbers and Revs), plus a great on-campus Bingo night with lots of prizes and food! The Refreshers + Roman Raid combined ticket includes all of the above events, plus an extra event that is not to be missed out on! If you want to re-live Viking Raid, then this is the ticket for you! The add on cost will cover the entry into Salvos, a bar crawl and a Roman Raid t-shirt.

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20th January, 2020