Trampoline Club Merch Sale

Deadline for Term 1 merch has now passed, so if you missed filling in the spreadsheet, you'll have to wait until Term 2 now! If you did fill in the spreadsheet, then please add to basket the tickets that correspond to the items you asked for. After that please add the amount of 'extras' tickets that correspond to the number of initials/committee positions you asked for on each item (ie if you got 2 items and asked for initials on both you need 2 'extras' tickets. If you asked for commitee position on both but initials only one one you need 3 'extras' tickets). If you need a reminder on what you asked for or help on which tickets you should be buying, this spreadsheet summarises it all for you or you can obviously just give me (Erin) a shout!

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13th December, 2019

All day