Halifax College Freshers Week 2019

About the College

As the biggest College on Campus we have lots to offer from great sports teams, fantastic events all year round and a wonderful College community. We can’t wait to welcome you in September!

Our Freshers’ Week

Fax aims to be the best. This includes the best Freshers Week. Live Music night with a famous DJ: sorted! Trampolining: sorted! Free food and films: sorted! The best Club nights: sorted! 

The price of tickets : £35

Friday 27th:

International Arrivals Day.

Free Pizza, 9pm, JJ’s.

Saturday 28th:

Arrivals day - time to get settled in. 

Block Party, 9pm across the College.

Sunday 29th:

College Picnic, 2pm, 22 Acres.

LGBTQ+ Cocktails, 7pm, JJ’s

Quiz, 9pm, Vanburgh Dining Hall.

Fibbers 11pm. Theme: 80’s 

Monday 30th:

Rounders, 2pm, 22 Acres.

Face Masks, 12pm. Common Room

Swing Dance, 7pm. JJ's

Silent Disco, 9pm. RKC

Tuesday 1st:

York City Tour, 11am. Meet at Reception.

Doggy Relaxation, 3pm.

Sewing Club, 4pm. JJs.

Board Games evening, 7pm. JJ’s

Live Music Night, 10pm. RKC.

Wednesday 2nd:

Sports Taster event and sign up, 12pm. JJ’s.

Salsa Dancing, 7pm. JJ's.

Mecca Bingo, 9pm. Mecca Bingo York.

Club Salvation, 11pm. Theme: Safari at Salvos. 

Thursday 3rd:

Beginners Baking, 5pm. JJ’s.

Chickflix and Chill, 6pm. St Lawerence common room.

Karaoke and Open Mic Night, 8pm. JJ’s.

Club Revolution. 11pm. Theme: Dress to Impress.

Friday 4th :

Mature Students Coffee Morning, 10am. Common Room. 

Trampolining Event, 2pm. Energi York.

Language Exchange Event. Afternoon. JJ’s.

Movie Evening with snacks, 7pm. Common Room 

Poker Evening, 8pm. RK

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Official Freshers Group: Halifax Official Group 2019/20

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Instagram: thehcsa

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