Goodricke College Freshers Week 2019


About the College

Goodricke has a unique, vibrant, and welcoming atmosphere for everyone! Whatever you’re interested in, Goodricke can provide for it! With a dedicated college team, and some of the best facilities in the university, there really is the best of everything!

Our Freshers’ Week

Our committee have been working tirelessly to bring you the best possible Freshers’ Week for 2019! With trips out, wellbeing talks, college-led activities, and of course nights out; we have so many high quality events on offer for what is sure to be the best week of your life!

Just £35 gets you access to everything happening in and out of Goodricke this September for Freshers Week 2019!

Please note the 50th anniversary hoodie ticket is for the hoodie ONLY and does not include a freshers ticket

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Snapchat: goodrickesnap

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Stephen Stanley: [email protected]

Sophie Gavriel: [email protected]

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27th September, 2019